A bit of history

The Sephardi people were expelled from Spain and Portugal at the end of the 15th century and spread all over the world. Many traveled to the new territories of America and to the UK. According to Portuguese laws whoever can prove to have Sephardic heritage has the right to get a Portuguese passport and Citizenship.

Discover your past

We help you discover your roots so that you become a Portuguese citizen and can freely travel, live, work and study in the European Union.

Professional services

We are a group of respected professionals, lawyers, historians and genealogists  who can provide you with the best service to discover your Sephardic heritage.

You have the right

Based on the principle of historical reparation, you and your family have a real right of return granted by the Portuguese laws of citizenship.

Safety and confidentiality

We guaranty the safety and confidentiality of your application as all information is protected by The General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union (GDPR).

Sephardic surnames

You can search our Sephardic surnames data base to find out if you have the right to apply for Portuguese and European citizenship.


1) We do a genealogical study of  your family'.
2) We apply for your Sephardic certificate.
3) We process your citizenship application.

We are near your location

We have a network of agents with multiple branch locations which specialize in providing excellent value and services for  our clients.

Our offices are located in London, Madrid and Lisbon.