You can pay for our services using a credit card, a debit card, cash or by making a bank wire transfer to one of our bank accounts in Europe.

1. Pay with a wire transfer and a debit or credit card

With Wise (previously TransferWise) you can make a money transfer to our bank account with a credit or debit card. Please go to Wise (previously TransferWise) and make your full payment in EURO to the account that your Portulive local agent will provide for you.

Once you have made the transfer, you will get a confirmation email from Wise (previously TransferWise). Please send it to your local agent to they are aware you completed the payment.

* PLATFORM COMMISSION: You need to pay the full amount in EURO and there will be a platform commission charged on top. You will be able to see a full breakout of the charges before you make the payment.

2. Pay in a local bank account

Portulive has partner up with payment collection companies in different countries so that our clients have the option of into local bank accounts and in local currency. We are constantly adding bank accounts from different countries. So far we have accounts enabled accounts in:

New Zealand

In a few weeks we will have local accounts enabled in:


* To pay into a local account please contact your Portulive agent who will guide you through the process.