You can pay for our services using a credit card, a debit card, cash or by making a bank wire transfer to one of our bank accounts in Europe.

1. Pay with debit or credit card

With Wise (previously TransferWise) you can make a money transfer to our account with a credit or debit card. Please go to Wise (previously TransferWise) and make your full payment in EURO to the following account:

- Business email: [email protected]
- Business name: Portulive LLP
- IBAN: BE58 9671 0913 6379
- ADDRESS: TransferWise Europe SA, Av. Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000, Belgium.

Please enter your client number as a reference. If you don't have a client number yet, please enter your full name as provided in your contract with Portulive.

Once you have made the transfer, you will get a confirmation email from Wise (previously TransferWise). Please send it to your local agent to they are aware you completed the payment.

* PLATFORM COMMISSION: You need to pay the full amount in EURO and there will be a platform commission charged on top. You will be able to see a full breakout of the charges before you make the payment. By using the link provided here you will have a discount on the commission charged by Wise (previously TransferWise) on the first transfer.

2. Pay with wire transfers or cash

You can use your bank to transfer your payments using cash or wire transfers to the following bank account:

Name: Portulive Consulting LLP
Bank: TransferWise Europe SA
Account (IBAN): BE58967109136379
Ref: o seu número de cliente
Tel bank: +44 203 8087 139
Bank address: Av. Marnix 13-17, Brussels, 1000, Belgium.
Portulive Consulting LLP address: 27 Old Gloucester Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1N 3AX.

* BANK CHARGES: You need to pay the full amount in EURO and there will be a bank commission charged on top.