You might have the right to have a fully legal European Union Passport and Citizenship and just not know it. Let us find out for you. We'll open the door so that you can embrace the beauty of being a citizen of the European Union.

What can you do for me?

We can get legal European citizenship for you and your family so that you all become citizens of the the European Union and can freely travel, live, work and study in any of its 27 countries.

How do you do it?

Portugal Decree-Law 30A/2015 of February 27/2015 allows people from all over the world who can prove a Sephardic heritage to obtain Portuguese citizenship and therefore become European Union citizenship.

What does it mean to have Sephardic heritage?

The Sephardi people were expelled from Portugal in 1497 and spread all over the world. Their descendants have Sephardic heritage and therefore Portuguese Citizenship rights. Let us find out if that´s your case.

How do I know if I have Sephardic heritage?

When expelled, the Sephardi spread all over the world. You might have a Sephardic heritage. Let us study your case, tell you and take care of the whole process. Please talk to your local agent to learn how to start the process.

What are the steps to get Portuguese citizenship?

We first create your family heritage study, we then get your Sephardic certificate in Portugal, we process everything before the Portuguese Government Portugal. and we help you get your Portuguese ID and passport.

What rights do I get being Portuguese?

With a Portuguese citizenship you get the rights that the Portuguese Constitution grants to its citizens. You can live, work, travel, study and even get social security from any of the 27 countries of the European Union.

Do I get an European passport?

Yes! Once you become Portuguese you have the right to get a Portuguese passport and therefore a European Union Passport. This allows you to travel without a visa to more than 157 countries including the USA.

Do I need to travel, take exams or speak Portuguese?

You don’t have to travel, take exams or speak Portuguese in order to get your Portuguese and European citizenship. Let us help us with the whole process.

Isn't this also possible in Spain?

This was also possible in Spain until October the 1st, 2019. After that date it is only possible in Portugal. The good news is that with the Portuguese citizenship you can live all 27 European Union countries including Spain.

Is this really legal?

We are a group of professionals directed by lawyer and Ambassador Jorge Leyva-Valenzuela and we only offer professional services that are completely legal.

Do I get to keep my current citizenship?

If your country allows double citizenship, you will not lose your current citizenship when you become Portuguese. With globalization, double citizenship has become the rule. Please ask your local agent regarding your particular case.

How long does it take?

The whole process usually takes between 18 to 28 months depending on how many applications the Portuguese authorities are processing at a certain time. It's never taken longer than 29 months.

Can I talk to your Director?

Yes, you can schedule a conference call in English with our Director Ambassador Jorge Leyva-Valenzuela. Please request it through your local agent.

Do I need to have a specific religion?

No. Regardless of your religion, gender, sexual preferences, race or country of origin, you can apply.

Will I sign any  documents?

Yes. You will sign a contract for the heritage study and the citizenship process. This way your investment and payments will be secured with a real client-attorney contract. You will also sign a power of attorney to be represented before the Jewish communities and the Portuguese Government and officials in Portugal.

How much does this service cost?

The price depends on your country of origin because it involves translations, apostilles, certificates, etc. For information please talk to your local agent.

Will I get a Portuguese national card, ID and passport?

You will first get a Portuguese birth certificate. Once you have it, you can get a Cartão de cidadão (Citizen Card or CC). Once you have your Cartão de cidadão, you can then get your Portuguese Passport. Both of these documents will be issued at a  Portuguese consulate near you.

Is your director a real Ambassador and a real Sephardic descendant?

Ambassador Jorge Leyva-Valenzuela  is a real former Ambassador to Norway. You can see a picture of him presenting letters of credence to His Majesty King Harald V of Norway, here. He is also a real certified Sephardic descendant. He was certified by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain. You can see his certificate here.

How is citizenship different from residency?

Citizenship is the status of belonging to a country's Nation with full constitutional rights. Residency is only a permission to live in a territory. Residency does not entitle you to a passport.

Will my children under 18 also get my citizenship?

By law only adults (18+) can apply. Children can get their citizenship through other procedures once one of their parents have become Portuguese.

Can adults get their parent's citizenship?

Adults (18+) can get their parent's Portuguese citizenship only if the parenthood link was informed to Portugal while they were still under 18. After that they must apply on their own.

Will my partner or spouse also get my citizenship?

Anyone who can prove partnering for more than 3 years with a Portuguese citizen can apply for citizenship. After that the final say can take from one to two years.

Will I have to pay taxes in Portugal?

Unless you live in Portugal 183 days per year or more, you will not have to pay taxes. If you live abroad you will only have to taxes obligations for income generated in Portuguese territory.

Will I be able to vote and get elected?

Yes, once you get a Cartão de cidadão you can vote on Portuguese and European Union elections. You can also participate in politics, belong to political parties and be elected.